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Welcome to episode #27!

On this show, I share my challenges and successes in my business in 2022.

A special thanks to all of my guests this year!

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Year in Review 2022

My Challenges

  • Making a commitment to narrow down my coaching and being multi-passionate 
  • Navigating social media: YouTube vs. Facebook, vs. IG. Learning to fully embrace Instagram into my regular content marketing strategy and trying on TikTok for good measure…

My Successes

  • I was able to narrow down my niche and target market which opened up doors and created a workflow on a whole new level. I’m able to see more clearly in front of me now that my focus is tighter and my niche more narrow.
  • I moved past taking multiple online courses and coaching sessions and moved into action for my own business.
  • I started taking action on choosing the right social platforms for me.
  • I began getting into a routine flow with my mailing list and reconnecting with them.

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