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Listen to “HBE21: How to Overcome Hurdles and Achieve Your Life Purpose| Interview with Kathy James” on Spreaker.

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Welcome to episode #21! I am super excited about this week’s interview as my guest and I talk about life purpose and how to overcome any obstacles and hurdles we’ve had in order to move forward in our calling. Kathy is a wonderful example of someone who has taken lemons and made lemonade in her life. She is an amazing woman who has so much love to give and she empowers others in her path despite (and because of) all that she has been through in her past.

Who is Kathy James?

Kathy James is the Founder of Girl Fight LLC. Her passion to be successful is driven by her past.
With the help of many positive influences, Kathy was able to overcome generational cycles, depression, and raging anger. Kathy developed a passion for her goals and went on to grow her skills, becoming a corp leader and a second-time entrepreneur. Kathy shares her experiences and the knowledge gained to inspire the community to fight for happiness and passion despite their circumstance.

About Kathy’s organization, Girl Fight

  • Kathy plays many roles in her organization. She is a mentor, speaker, and author of an upcoming memoir.
  • Girl Fight also offers a young adult program where Kathy offers free mentoring for those who need it.
  • She recruits professionals to give advice to the young adults in her program.

Kathy’s goal is to make an impact in a young person’s life, no matter what they need. She envisions growing her organization to a point where she has multiple mentors.

Kathy’s tips on how to move ahead and live a life of purpose

  • It’s okay to ask for professional help.
  • Always keep a tight circle, an entourage, around you to rally you along on your journey.
  • Give yourself space to reflect, self-assess about what you enjoy, and start with small steps and goal-setting.
  • Start where you are with what you have at the moment (and don’t worry about your circumstances.)

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