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My aim is to help you develop into the faith-infused business CEO you were called to be, and I am walking the journey with you side-by-side, as your coach and friend.



Demetria Zinga

Personality Snapshot

I love reading, writing songs, drinking mochas and tea, and spending time with God. I’m a more introvert-leaning ambivert, INFJ-A personality type with a big heart and a lot of strategy. 


Everyone’s business journey is different. No entrepreneurial journey looks the same, and yet your story is as important as the next.  Here’s how mine started…


It Started With Family

 I always like to say that elevating my business, for me, was initially all about supporting my family. I wanted to find ways to earn an income during the different seasons of my life as a work-at-home mompreneur  and homeschooling mama (pre-pandemic).

Once 2020 arrived, I did some career exploration and soul-searching for a year, but found my way back to my business-building roots. The entrepreneurial bug bit me back in 2002 when my baby girl was born, and I have never stopped learning, growing, and elevating in business.

My CEO Journey

I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2002 making handcrafted soaps and body butters. (If Etsy were around back then I would have probably stuck with it longer!)

However, the digital side of growing my business captivated me, and my desire to build and grow my soap-making website got me interested in the web design and internet marketing side of things.  I concluded that I liked web design better than making soaps.

I earned my master’s degree while raising a toddler and building my web design business part-time in 2004, and then began working to develop loving digital spaces for women creatives: artists, songwriters, authors, tv personalities, and entrepreneurs. These were virtual spaces for Christian women where I wrote articles and blogged to encourage them in their faith and business-building.

Journey Into Podcasting…

At this point, I started marketing and visibility work for my clients, and quickly fell into podcasting in 2005, which led me to help my clients launch and grow their podcasts.

In 2006, I decided to begin teaching podcasting and developed my first program, The Internet Radio Podcast Bootcamp, a live teleseminar and virtual course that I taught to many business owners who went on to create their own podcasts. 

Soon after, my local news station came to my house for a quick interview to chat with me about how I was using this new medium of podcasting to reach others with my faith message.

Tuscaloosa News-Demetria Zinga-Podcast Coach

When I started this work I didn’t realize how much I would grow to develop a deep passion to help women elevate their message and release their voice to the world. 

Whether through a brand and website design, a podcast launch, or a content creation strategy, I found myself at different phases of my own business helping women with these various aspects of their business.

My passion to help women with business, life, and faith led me to create Her Business Elevated, and I am honored to share this space with you!

Fun Facts About Me


🎹 I’m a singer/songwriter, and in the process of releasing my music. (Gospel, R&B, and Neosoul are my favorite genres).

📹 I love documentaries about culture and food.

👩🏾‍🏫I homeschooled both my daughters through high school and graduated one off to college (which is why I started my homeschool blog and podcast.)

💇🏾‍♀️I like to change up my hairstyle often to keep people guessing.

☕️My favorite place to work besides home is at coffee shops.

🍫Chocolate is my nemesis. Especially dark chocolate.

Demetria Zinga-Podcast Coach/ Her Business Elevated Podcast Host

It’s important to share our stories and our individual journeys. Being successful is only a byproduct of our confidence in our Creator and how He designed us.

I am not perfect, but I am perfectly designed…and so are you.

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