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On this week’s show, I talk about what it means to gain a Kingdom Business Mindset. Let’s consider these aspects pertinent to your growth as a business leader of faith. Remember that …

You are called to your industry

As Believers, I believe that we are called to our workplace and industry. Leading and being influential doesn’t just happen within the context of church or in places we might deem more “spiritual”. We can lead right where we are, including our workplace. If you’re an entrepreneur, you lead within your business. Where is God leading you in your business and industry?

You are set apart

We operate in integrity. We do things differently (as Believers). We are different than the average, and choose to conduct business in a way that is ethical and forthright. Being set apart means we don’t run our businesses like the average person might. We have higher standards and we seek a higher cause.

You are steadfast

You are persistent no matter your setbacks. In life we sometimes have setbacks, including business setbacks. But remember, that you are undenied and to keep moving forward with your dreams and visions no matter who is or isn’t on your side.

You are a good steward

You are a good manager of your finances by not minimizing your value and undercharging. Remembering your worth is important!

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