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I love sharing interviews with women entrepreneurs that bring hope and healing, and this week’s interview is exactly that. Women entrepreneurs and moms in business often find themselves neglecting their bodies, minds, and souls in favor of pushing through to the “next thing”. What Heather Chauvin encourages us to do will bring us healing and a measure of peace so that we can slow down enough to breathe and actually come to know ourselves.

Who is Heather Chauvin?

Heather Chauvin is a parenting and women’s leadership coach, featured TEDx Speaker, and author of “Dying to be a Good Mother”. She teaches driven, ambitious women and moms how to find alignment and helps them to feel alive both at home and in their work.

She has three boys of her own and is in the throes of motherhood. In fact, it is motherhood that pushed Heather deeper into self-development. She is currently on a journey to redefine how we live our lives as mothers and as caregivers.

Interview with Heather Chauvin

What we talked about

  • Who she is and what she offers to her clients that makes her happy
  • Her diagnosis and how she arrived at a point where she actually began listening
  • What it means to lead a sustainable life and how to tell if we are really in alignment (plus her idea of energetic time management)
  • Why we as women neglect ourselves so often
  • How neglecting ourselves impact those around us, from our families to our friends and our business

What Heather Chauvin Offers Us

Heather offers her prescriptive memoir and personal development book Dying To Be a Good Mother.

She also offers a business program for women who want to scale their time and energy. Get in touch with her to see how Heather can work with you.

Her biggest hope to achieve while serving her audience

Heather believes in changing the conversation for all women so that we are a vessel of energy, alive, and in alignment. Her biggest hope is to achieve this and she desires to help you meet your goals.

(Resource mentioned: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert )

I absolutely loved talking with Heather and I hope that you enjoy this podcast as much as I did! Please leave a comment below and also a review on Itunes if you enjoyed this episode.

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