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How does gratitude help you in business?

Most of us are aware how just being even a bit grateful for the things we have in life can make us better people. We know this because when we are grateful, we feel better. We feel like smiling, saying thank you, and giving back to others.

What happens if we apply this same spirit of gratitude to our business?

In the spirit of just having celebrated Thanksgiving, that’s what I’m sharing on this week’s podcast!

1. Keep in touch with your subscribers.

Our subscribers take time out of their lives to say that they think we are valuable to them. By subscribing to your newsletter, they’ve let you know they are interested in you and what you have to offer. Don’t ever take this lightly!

They are looking to hear from you on a regular basis, else they wouldn’t have subscribed.

So, keep in touch with them! This shows you how much you care for them and value them just as much.

2. Be grateful that you can give back through your valuable content.

Your subscriber is saying that they believe in you enough to give you their information (email and name) in exchange for content they believe will help make their lives better.

Your reader will value your giveaways and freebies and will feel loved when you keep in touch with them on a regular. You’ve got to keep offering content that will encourage them, teach them, or coach them.

I’m so grateful to have a business that allows me to not only explore my personal passions, but allows me to help others on a larger scale- reaching clients from all over the world who need my help- and I’m GLAD to offer this help through my blog, my podcast, and my YouTube channel!

It’s not just about making money with my coaching and products, but it’s offering as much value as I can for those who may never purchase my products or who are on the fence.

3. Be grateful for your family.

If you are a solopreneur with a family (or mompreneur), your family is giving you the grace to get work done.

Also as a mom, you are teaching your kids the value of entrepreneurship and hard work, as well as priorities. Although you are working your business, you love your family and will always put them first.

This kind of gratitude goes a long way in your family-business balance. Keeping peace on the home front is really important for your sanity- and works out beautifully for the kind of energy that flows into your business.

4. Be grateful you can take care of yourself.

You only have one of you, so take care of yourself. If you’re at peace with yourself, then you and your money can flow. But if you’re up in arms, so will your money be. You really want to maximize your productivity and the best way to do that is to make sure you are taken care of in all various aspects of your life: emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.

I am so grateful that as a woman entrepreneur, I have the desire to take good care of myself and that I can take advantage of the many tools and resources to better myself.

This means I am paying attention to my physical health, getting regular checkups. It means I’m watching what I eat and exercising daily.

It means I’m meditating on Scripture and practicing my faith daily.

It means I’m in a community with others of like-minded belief so that we encourage each other and that I stay in touch with people in my life who truly care for me as I do for them.

This means that I’m careful about my thought-life so that I don’t self-sabotage my success. I have to constantly watch what’s going in my ears and coming out of my mouth in order to keep myself as healthy as possible.

5. Be grateful for what you’ve achieved already.

It’s important that we’re able to prioritize what’s important to us each day, and then step back and be grateful for what we did achieve at the end of the day!

Sometimes we fail to give ourselves recognition for what we were able to achieve. There is so much we’ve done, and yet we feel down on ourselves because more than half of our checklist went untouched.

(Maybe we’re pacing too much on ourselves?) Back to the drawing board- time to prioritize and create a new goal-planning session and checklist that is not overwhelming!

Let’s learn to celebrate our successes and be okay with pushing some things back for another day, rather than creating undue stress on ourselves.

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