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On this week’s show, I talk about how to discover. your God-given purpose in business.

I am sharing a few lessons I’ve been learning about how, as a Christian woman bursting with purpose and passion, you can begin walking in your purpose.

Get clear

This means letting go of distractions in your life as well as changing your environment and turning down the noise. Getting clear is your first step toward walking in purpose.

Get ready

Start getting ready behind the scenes by preparing yourself for the purpose you believe God has ahead for you. Learn and sharpen new skills, get a mindset of “yes” (because you can do anything you set your mind to), and learn to embrace changes. In order to truly be ready for the things you have in store for you, you have to be open to the changes ahead.

Get moving

Put your ideas into action. Once you know what to do, start moving in that direction and being applying lessons you’ve learned. Have faith that what you are doing is good, and trust God. Don’t give up on your dreams.

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