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As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM , Melanie D. Perry has been helping people create sustainable wealth by making wise decisions for over two decades. She is known for making financial concepts easy to understand which helps people to make sound and empowering financial decisions. Melanie caters to women entrepreneurs by providing solid strategies that work. Her passion for financial literacy extends to educating women and kids about the basics of money management through her financial literacy and education company, Zeallionnaire Enterprises. She has been recognized by many national organizations for these efforts including the Los Angeles Women’s Chapter of the NAACP. 

Melanie has authored “All About the Benjamins: Helping People Create Wealth in the Midst of Financial Insanity” and “Johnathan and Geneva: The Adventures of Zeallionaire Kid”, her latest book for elementary children.

What Melanie and I talked about..

  • Things that make Melanie happy: teaching and gardening
  • The story of the hurdles she overcame along her journey of becoming a certified financial advisor
  • What kept her going after all of the hurdles and pushback she experienced in the financial industry: knowing your why
  • The biggest challenges to handling our money as women entrepreneurs: mindset, and having a system
    • Rules of engagement with your finances- Have three accounts- 1.) Dip account 2.) Emergency – 3-6 months 3.) wealth account- accumulates just to grow assets
    • Having a purpose with a plan: you’ve got goals and accounts that align with your goals. Each account is purposeful. 
    • Wealth starts from within. We are all born wealthy.
    • “The more spiritually grounded individuals  rise to the occasion and bring forth their unique skills and talents and gifts to this world the less damage we will present to the environment.” Spiritually grounded individuals are in tune with our creator so we won’t damage our earth.”
  • Reframing the “budget mindset” to a “blueprint mindset”
  • How to have proper stewardship of your belongings, including your money
  • Taking inventory of our money without emotions
  • How can we go from a restrictive mindset to an abundant mindset
  • A few key components of her program that clients learn while working with her
  • “What is a zeallionnaire?”– a person in pursuit of monetizing their gift to add value to the world

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