Have you been sabotaging your success by comparing yourself with others in any way? Has comparing helped or hindered you in your online business? I would guess, the latter. I want to help you leap past those mental hangups that keep you from moving forward with this blog post (and video). I want to help you to stop comparing your with others so that you can move on with bigger things in your business that truly matter.

Three ways to stop comparing yourself with others

Stop comparing yourself with others by focusing on your own goals

I know this is easier said than done, my friend, but please don’t focus on what everyone else is doing, but instead focus on what you are doing. Find out what’s in your heart and how you can help other people, and let this be your guiding light into all of your business endeavors.

One way that we self-sabotage often as solopreneurs is to start looking around and realizing that we don’t seem to measure up compared to others. Not only is this unfair to us, but it prohibits us from moving forward and getting anything done. You’ll find yourself at a standstill and unable to move if you’re comparing yourself with what others are doing. Keep your business dreams alive and keep moving forward.

Remember that your goals are every bit as important as the goals of those who have gone before you and made things happen. Don’t think that because they seem to be crushing their goals, your goals are invalid somehow.

It’s just not true. Keep moving forward with what’s in your heart to do and don’t let anyone stop you.

Stop watching what others are doing.

Unless you are watching your mentor, stop watching. Focus, instead, on where you’re headed and what you’re bringing to the table. Really celebrate what your offerings are and be excited about it.

Sometimes the best celebration is the one you bring to yourself. If you stop watching what everyone else is doing you’re less likely to feel down on yourself.

This advice is so true for newbies at online business- whether you’re just starting your blog, podcast, YouTube channel, or Instagram. You can see that so many people seem to be whizzing past you, working their businesses, bringing in the most traffic, capturing the higher paying audiences, and converting leads into sales weekly. And you might feel stuck compared to them, unsure of what you are doing wrong.

stop comparing yourself with others

The fact of the matter is, if you’re new to this, it just takes time. Settle into where you are and be okay with it. Your business will grow and with time, you’ll be out there, making a bigger difference with a bigger sphere of influence.

Stop comparing yourself with others by showing your true authenticity.

Don’t try to be anyone else but yourself. Bring the fullest of who you are to the table and if you’re not fully accepted, then it’s not on you. You brought your very best, and those who you are meant to attract will be attracted to your business. Don’t be discouraged, but keep moving forward with your business goals.

Your personality will attract the people you’re meant to attract. I’m a bit shy, but I show up on camera and do what feels right to attract my audience each week, even if I don’t always feel like it. By making this commitment, I’m attracting the audience that I’m speaking to, and making a difference for them.

I first had to start with an idea that I was passionate about, and then it made perfect sense for me to keep going with the topic and help many people along the way. When I am my authentic self and don’t hide behind my truth, I can show up often.

I encourage you to do the same, my friend. This is a journey and not a sprint. Entrepreneurship isn’t a walk in the park, but the results are worth it if you just keep at it. Sometimes you’ll need to figure out how to get your mojo back (check out this podcast where my business mentor Amy Porterfield talks about slowing down in business), but if you just keep at it and stay on track, you’ll eventually arrive at your destination.

So don’t give up. And don’t try to be like anyone else…be yourself.

I truly hope this post has been helpful to you. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve enjoyed the post and video.