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Have you been wondering how to build your audience organically without being salesy?

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This week’s interview is with Shannon Tacheny, who shares with us all about how she does this.

Who is Shannon?

Shannon Tacheny is a Brand & Marketing Strategist for big-hearted female entrepreneurs. Owner of Feather Blue Studios, founder of The Small Business Bay, and entrepreneur of over 15 years (including 10 running her previous photography studio) she helps women grow deeply rooted businesses that draw their favorite clients with ease while skipping the “salesey” feelings and awkward online trends.

She loves chai tea, the beach, all things blue, dark chocolate, give-back boutiques, and her hubbie + 3 kids (one who happens to be taller than her now).

Shannon loves collaborating with other women in business and helping entrepreneurs see how a strategically-developed brand story can open up beautiful new opportunities.

Connect with Shannon at her website:

Or on instagram at: @FeatherBlueStudios

What Shannon and I talked about…

➡️Her 15-year journey as an entrepreneur. Her passion is to help women feel the joy along the journey so it’s not just about the profit, but about purpose. She shared her journey beginning as a product-based business to modeling to marketing and graphic design for a jewelry business to starting a photography studio as a portrait and fashion photographer

➡️How she was encouraged to grow into a thought leader in addition to practicing her creativity. Her discovery of her self-identity as an entrepreneur, the many choices she made to figure out her path, and real-life, practical twists and turns that served to strengthen her in business

➡️What inspires her to help women with marketing and how she began the Small Business Bay

➡️Her secret sauce to not sounding “salesy” in business. She does this by implementing a brand story method with a simplified marketing path that includes a sales page and a conversation with pre-vetted customers who are already interested. She makes marketing feel so much easier through her “big, beautiful conversations” that help to build trust with her audience.

➡️Her secret behind “big, beautiful conversations” with her audience vs. sales-y tactics? How do you make marketing feel so much easier for women entrepreneurs?

➡️The purpose behind her Epic Giveaway (an email list-building collar) and the strategy she used going into this project

1. She made sure the participants were on-brand collaborators and that she made the process as easy as possible for them to say “yes”

2. She made it rewarding for participants to select several mailing lists to join. Also, wording is important. Shannon recommends finding two keywords that identify your audience, and be sure to include these words in your copy. Be strategic.

How she was able to find collaborators and make her selections about whom she would work with…

  1. She made a spreadsheet with interesting
  2. She searched Instagram to find potential collaborators and used hashtags to find personality-driven businesses

➡️The beautiful results of the collaboration

➡️The importance of having a cultivated brand online in order to be discovered for potential collars. Opportunities come to you when you take the time to tighten up your brand story

➡️What she would do differently and the lessons she learned from her collab project

➡️How her faith influences what she does in business. She feels called to be a seed planter, a bridge and a connector that helps women to feel empathized with and her business is a give-back business where she helps against the fight against human trafficking

A quote to remember

“It’s okay to be open to the pivot. It doesn’t mean the last thing doesn’t matter just because you do the next thing.”

How to reach Shannon

Enjoy the show, and please visit Shannon at and consider joining the Small Business Bay. Follow Shannon on Instagram.

Contact us at HER Business Elevated…

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