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How can we go from tragedy to triumph?

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On this episode, my guest is Shametria Gonzales. I first encountered Shametria when I served as a judge for the Great American Speak Off and heard her phenomenal speech. Shametria is an Inspiring Motivational Speaker, Co-Founder, Real Estate Investor, And Founder Of Unleash To Speak. She co-authored Reflection Eyes See with her daughter and The HBCU Experience which she co-authored with 40 graduates from Southern University. She is also the Co-Founder of Home For Grace, providing housing for women, and runs a coaching program for individuals that are looking to take their career as a speaker to a new level.

What Shametria and I talked about…

  • Her story about how she came out of human trafficking, rose up to become an author and co-founder of Home For Grace, and how she found her place in the world with her daughter
  • Her experience speaking at The Great American Speakoff
  • Her advocacy work at Home for Grace. She started out of college as a community organizer and was soon over the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault and part of the New Orleans Family Justice Center and over a re-entry program. She also co-created Home For Grace with a realtor and takes her clients through a 12-month program of healing. Her program provides women with a fair chance for a new start and a safe place to heal.
  • What trafficking truly means and uncovering the truth behind the unloved and the coerced
  • How her program, Unleash to Speak helps one to use their voice to get what God has for them.
  • The power of protecting our intellectual property
  • Her process of co-authoring a book with her daughter and the gift it has provided her in parenting

Balancing motherhood while making the world a better place

  • How Shametria did this…
    • She told her kids the truth.
    • She got organized.
    • She asked for help.
    • She cleared her space and got rid of everything that wasn’t conducive to what God wanted her to do.

How she overcame challenges in the entrepreneurial space

  • She became comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • She surrounded herself with the right people.
  • She took business etiquette classes.

Words of encouragement to move forward in business

A few quotes to remember – “Shametriaisms”

“Remember, it’s going to be okay.”

Your voice and your story matters.

“We are enslaved to anything we don’t consciously perceive. We are freed from conscious perception”.

“If your space is occupied there is no space to receive.”

“What happens in the dark gets rewarded in the light.”

“Joy and guilt can’t live in the same spirit.”

“If you want to get somewhere fast, you’ve got to get a team.”

Success is a realization of worthy ideas.

“Catch your words.”

If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm.”

How to reach Shametria

Reach out to her for information about her upcoming courses, events, and coaching programs to help unleash women to speak at She will also soon be launching Grace Ministries as an ordained minister. Follow her on Instagram:

Contact us at HER Business Elevated…

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