Today I read an article about self-confidence, and I was inspired to create this post as part of a conversation starter about this topic that I think is so crucial.

Four ways to boost your self-confidence in business

Lack of courage will many times keep us from beginning an endeavor that we know we were born for.

Here are a few reasons why so many of us lack self-confidence in business:

  • We’re afraid of failure
  • We’re afraid of success (believe it or not!)
  • We feel we don’t have the time
  • We’re not secure about what others might think

In fact, I think these four reasons are the main reasons we procrastinate and may be afraid to move forward with our business ventures.

So what do we do when feel the fear? Start planning.

The sooner you begin to make plans for your business, the more likely you are to take ownership of it and begin to feed it properly- treating it with care and respect.  So start your plans!

Read about, watch, listen to, and study others who have succeeded at what it is you would like to do. 

Get some role models and observe them carefully.  You’ll be able to kick your fears to the curb and press forward when you have that extra boost of motivation.

Set aside time weekly (or daily) to work on your business.  

Whether it’s the beginning stages of planning, finding out information for setting up, or you’re right there in the mix with producing products- get busy, and don’t worry about whether you have the time.  Make the time.

Whichever way you can find the time, do it. Maybe it’s before or after your kids are awake or asleep. Maybe it’s early morning, or later in the evening. Maybe during your lunchtime is your best time to work on your business tasks.

You’ll have to figure out what times work best for you and go for it.

Push negative thoughts away.

Who cares what others think? I mean, really. This is not to be sarcastic in any way…it’s just a dose of reality for you.

Does this business venture excite you? Does it have money-earning potential?  Is it a good fit for you in this season of your life?  Do you have at least one trusted friend, family member, or mentor who is on board with you?  Then go for it!

Push away those negative thoughts and keep moving forward toward your goals.

Embrace your successes.

When you’ve accomplished something you’ve been working on for a while, do you celebrate yourself?  If you don’t, then you really should!  

Every success deserves celebration- even in the small accomplishments. Listen to Amy Porterfield (one of my mentors) share why celebrating your successes is important.  Whether it’s a finished blog post or a complete website overhaul, you should give yourself the room to celebrate.  

This, in turn, will open up opportunities for more successes in your life as you begin to embrace the ones you’re already experiencing.

I hope you feel encouraged by reading these tips to help you overcome a lack of self-confidence in business.  We all feel our confidence plummet from time to time, but if we follow these few tips we’ll be able to find ourselves lifted out of the pit and back into the swing of things.

What do you do when you lack self-confidence in your business?  Leave me a message!