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Let’s face it…mompreneurs, women business owners & solopreneurs: the juggle of wearing different hats is enough to tempt us to call it quits when we feel like screaming: “I just can’t do it all!” And business fears are real.

Let’s talk about it in this week’s podcast.

Tips for overcoming your business fears

First, you’ve got to drop the fears (if any) that are holding you back by accepting yourself for who you are. Remember, your business starts with you.

Get out of your “you zone” and get into your “others zone”.

Others need what you have far more than you think, but you must have confidence in your offerings to the world in order to give back. The quicker you realize that it’s not about you but about helping others with the gifts and talents you were entrusted with, the sooner you’ll begin to reach deep down within to give yourself permission to help others.

Be willing to take a chance on the uncomfortable.

It’s inevitable that business will stretch you and you will feel uncomfortable at times. Be willing to take that chance, as it only helps you to grow and become a better you.

Quit comparing yourself to others!

While comparison for business research purposes might be a good thing, comparing your success to another business owner’s successes is lethal. You’ll shoot yourself right in the foot if you think that by attempting to keep up with your “competition” you’ll have any footing in the race. First off, it’s not a race and the sooner you quit thinking about competition, the better. Secondly, if you simply focus on the positives and what value you bring to the market and how to make your products and services better, you’ll be better off.

Take action.

Successful people know what to do with the inspirations they have. Sitting around thinking about and wishing for an increase in your income won’t do you much good, but taking action will guarantee you’re going in the right direction.

Your turn: what are some things you’re doing to overcome business fears?  Did you enjoy the podcast?

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