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Who is Bethany?

It’s important to hear the back story of how entrepreneurs have forged their paths to their own definition of success and how to remain healthy as a mompreneur. On today’s show, Bethany Gettis shares some insightful tips with us. Bethany Gettis is a highly dynamic Internationally known Certified Holistic Nutritional ConsultantTM and REAL Food Advocate. Bethany is focused on guiding busy, health-conscious parents to their optimum healthy lifestyle, through nutrition while creating a holistic balance. After all, she created her business Nutritious & Delicious because she believes a healthy family starts with a healthy parent.

What Bethany and I talked about…

Here are some of her mompreneur health tips and suggestions:

-Have a glass of lemon water nearby and start your day with it

-Have adequate protein nearby

-Make sure to get your protein drinks (clean protein powder), cheese, trail mix (walnuts, pecans, coconut, etc.)

-Most women are eating too many carbs and not enough protein.

-While you are making your kids snacks and lunch, pack yourself one too She offers family meal plans and individual meal plans based on her recipe book.

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