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Have you been feeling stuck on an entrepreneurial island by yourself? Being a solopreneur isn’t for the faint of heart, and at times can feel rather lonely. I’ve felt isolated in my business a time or two, but I have learned some key ways to negate the feeling of being a lonely entrepreneur over the years. In this podcast episode, I’ll be sharing some key ways to make sure you don’t feel lonely out there in this world of business because you really don’t have to be.

In this episode, I discuss the following tips for making sure you stay connected.

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Connect virtually

Connect on social media.

Find online groups on social media platforms such as Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups to get involved in.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with what each social media group requires and get plugged in, making sure to follow the rules as recommended for each group.

Join online conferences

If you don’t’ want to get out of bed or your home office, then guess what? You don’t have to! That’s the beauty of attending online conferences as an online entrepreneur. You get to meet new people virtually and never leave your home.

This is, of course, excellent for introverts or those who just want to save on gas and airfare. It also gives you a chance to make connections with others in your field and glean from them (as opposed to comparing your business with others’). You’ll definitely begin to boost your confidence in your own business as you connect with others.

Attend In-Person Events

Try attending in-person meetups just so that you don’t get too Zoomed out on virtual calls. Look for events happening in your area and keep an eye and ear out for happenings in your field.

I like to use for local events.

How to avoid being a lonely entrepreneur

Work away from home

Sometimes it’s nice to step away from the home office for a change of scenery. You could choose from a myriad of locations, but here are a few examples that have worked for me in the past:

  • coworking spaces
  • libraries
  • coffee shops
  • outdoor cafes

These are just a few tips that have helped me to manage not feeling like a lonely entrepreneur. If you enjoyed this content please be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or my YouTube channel.