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Thanks for tuning in to the very first episode of the HER Business Elevated Podcast.

Sometimes we have to take time to re-evaluate what we’re doing in business and why. In this episode, I shared with you what I’ve been doing for over 14 years of business growth and balancing family- from mom blogger to business coach.

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From homeschool mom blogger to business coach:

  • I’ve been offering a blogging course, 1-1 marketing coaching, website audits and web design during my 14 years as a marketing and design consultant
  • I took a year off during the pandemic to begin teaching on Outschool and also as a part-time 3rd-grade teacher in a local, small classical school
  • I realized that my subscribers were still faithful and purchasing products while I was away on hiatus! I came to the conclusion that I really desired to offer coaching support rather than consulting work and to make my offerings to a broader audience (not only mompreneurs, but women CEOs and solopreneurs).
  • I concluded that I want to serve businesswomen by offering more products and services (not just doing the tasks that kept me busy as a mom blogger).
  • I especially want to show you the strategies I’ve learned that help me to make an impact and gain a 5-figure income while working extremely part-time.

I also shared my story of how I came to where I am today: I’ve concluded that I desire to keep serving women CEOs, women creatives, and moms in business to build and launch your heart-aligned brand and create profitable content that builds your family’s wealth.

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