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Welcome to episode #30! In a previous episode, my guest and I shared what it means to stay healthy both spiritually and physically. On this episode, our guest shares how we can overcome mental blocks and rise up in our calling into big things in our lives (and business).

She shares with us her journey through entrepreneurship, ups and downs and struggles, and faith that has gotten her through the tough times.

Her message is: “There is no dream too big and simply no dreamer too small. I have allowed the negative seeds planted in me to propel me instead of hinder me. My failures have been my biggest teacher, not my grave digger.” I know you will enjoy this chat and be encouraged in your entrepreneurial endeavors!

This week’s fantastic guest is Denise Schroder.

Introducing Denise Schroder

Denise Schroder is a top-ranked realtor in Oklahoma. She is the CEO of Schroder Real Estate Group with her husband, Troy.
Denise is a coach, speaker, marketing strategist, realtor, and author of the new book, “Out of the Box.” Denise has used the power of storytelling to have her adult life chronicled & documented through the years on Oprah (two appearances), Steve Harvey (two appearances), Rachael Ray, CBS The Talk, “House Hunters” on HGTV (four exclusive episodes) & Season 20 of Worst Cooks in America on the Food Network. Most recently she was named one of the hosts for an Emmy-nominated show called “The American Dream.” She has an art for tapping into the power of media and tv appearances to gain local recognition, branding and a fast climb to success.

Denise Schroder and I talked about…

Denise shared her background and her story of how she got involved in real estate.

“Many times we seek permission from people around us to make others and create peace.” she says. This is so true.

She felt that she had lost her identity. Denise went to therapy after losing her marriage and her mother and began to rebuild, reprogram, and rewire herself. She learned how to make the decisions she needed to make. She remarried and blended their two families and both went without an income for a year as they went into real estate together. Today they have sold 650 houses and are in the top 10% in Oklahoma.

They have learned to develop a relational business where they serve and do life with their clients. Business is so much more than the bottom line of money, it is also about connecting personally with our clients. Denise constantly finds ways to encourage people in their lives. This is part of her calling.

She also shared about consistency. Consistency is key (like in farming and planting seeds).

Her experiences on stage with Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey Show, and HGTV, and Rachel Ray helped her to use storytelling as a means to share her story on screen and opened up opportunities she had never dreamt of. We can all do the same.

It doesn’t just have to be television, you can use the media as well: press releases, podcasts, etc.

Remember to stay encouraged amidst “unfulfilled dreams”.

She and her husband evaluated who they spent their time with and let people go. She also learned to sit with her current accomplishments.

Denise’s quote:

“Don’t let people steal your dreams because they don’t have one of their own.” 

Find people who can be accountability partners who will check you as well as cheer you on. “You don’t have to ask permission. You can be non-negotiable in the pursuit of your dream.”

Ways that she manages her time as a woman entrepreneur:

  • Morning time: prayer and devotion
  • Stretching and exercise
  • Eating clean

How to reach Denise Schroder:

IG: denisesellsoklahoma

Denise’s Book (ebook and hardcover).

She wrote it out of conviction with her unique marketing approach using the power of storytelling such as overcoming adversity.

Purchase the book here on Amazon.

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