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Are you looking to change your career but just need a boost of encouragement?

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Dr. Danette Buie serves as a Diversity Coach, Talent Development Strategist, Life and Wellness Architect, and Systems Thinker and Leader. She brings 12+ years of experience to her work and enjoys providing thorough and skillful administrative leadership, fostering high-performance environments, and driving processes that will ultimately improve the company and employee experience. Danette has completed Harvard University’s Executive Institute for Women in Leadership Program, Howard University’s Executive Diversity Coaching Program, and most recently was appointed to the new Board of Directors for Girls Dream Code, an organization dedicated to empowering young minority girls to pursue an interest in technology by providing free access to tech workshops, education, and resources. Danette recently founded Thrive Limitlessly, a one-stop shop consultancy for career changers and culture makers.

What Danni and I talked about…

  • ➡️Her journey into part-time entrepreneurship as she works in the corporate space and her continual growth
  • ➡️How she helps young minority girls pursue an interest in technology and how her personal story as a first-generation college student helps her to relate and understand what young girls in underrepresented communities need
  • ➡️How she helps to close knowledge gaps in the DEI journey
  • ➡️Balancing entrepreneurship and career and knowing when to prioritize and what to shift. Rather than balance, we learn to pace ourselves and learn to fuel ourselves.
  • ➡️It’s okay to “just be” and not wear all the hats, or any hats
  • ➡️Her advice for women who are thinking of transitioning in their career: “Listen to your inner voice”. Think about what makes you happy.

A quote to remember

 “We can’t pour from an empty cup.

How to reach Danni

Reach out to her for information about her upcoming courses, events, and coaching programs here at Thrive Limitlessly. Follow her on Instagram.

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