Have you been thinking about creating digital products, but have been on the cusp, unsure of where to begin?

Listen to “Why Should You Create Digital Products?” on Spreaker.

This podcast episode is all about reasons to create digital products- plus I share many of the ways I can help you online! If you’ve been wanting to know the benefits of why you should create digital products, I suggest you keep reading (and listening to the podcast)!

It gives your followers a freebie

Everyone loves a freebie- who doesn’t? It never hurts to be generous, right?  Give a little back to your consumers at the front end so they’ll get to know you better. Trust me, it will be worth the time you pour into creating the products. If you need proof, listen to Amy Porterfield talk about why she truly believes in launching digital courses to grow your business.

It builds awareness of your brand

Browsing through your product (ebook, audios, videos, slides) gives your consumers an idea of what you and your brand are all about. If they’re attracted to your brand, they’ll want more information from you in the future.

Creating digital products add value to your brand

Nowadays offering a digital product as a freebie for a newsletter subscription is standard.  Your customers may feel, however, that your brand has higher quality simply because of the addition of digital products.

It increases your opt-in rate

Without a way for subscribers to opt-in to your mailing list, your list just won’t grow. One surefire way to increase your opt-in rate is to offer a digital product such as an ebook as a freebie for subscribers.

It brings potential clients into your marketing funnel

A digital product is a great way to give your subscribers a taste of what you’re like before they purchase your full service.  It gives them a small taste of what it may be like to work with you in a business relationship. See it as your official “meet and greet”, so make your products good and present your best.

As you gain their trust through relationship building you will have more opportunities to offer your higher-priced services and products…but it all starts with the digital product you initially offered.

You get a leg up.

Digital products distinguish your business from those around you by helping you to produce compelling content.  This brings you an unprecedented amount of leverage that can’t be compared.

The average solopreneur will probably not take the time to create training courses and ebooks. However, you have to go above and beyond the context of your blog in order to be successful online.   I’m here to help you with a complete online business strategy and I can help you by coaching you through these processes.

It allows you repurposing flexibility.

Once you’ve created a digital product, the shelf life for that product will last a very long time.  You’ve created one product that you can offer over and over again. But it doesn’t just stop there!

The really cool thing is that digital products allow you to think outside of the box and you can always repurpose your content.

Here are just a few ideas for different ways you can repurpose your content:

  • videos
  • podcasts
  • membership sites
  • e-courses
  • group coaching
  • individual coaching
  • conference calls
  • webinars
  • workbooks and ebooks
  • website and graphics templates (business plan templates, WordPress templates)
  • e-zines and newsletters

I hope this has been helpful and that you’ll consider adding digital products to your blog, YouTube channel, or podcast. Don’t forget to reach out to me if you need assistance – I’m only a Zoom call away!

To your online business success!

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