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Welcome to episode #29! In a previous episode, I shared about how it is important to remain flexible as an entrepreneur. Part of remaining flexible is making sure we feel good- mind, body, and soul. On this episode, our guest shares about what it means to become intentional about our wellness. This week’s fantastic guest is Latasha Slaton.

Introducing Latasha Slaton, Slaton Solutions for Success

Latasha Slaton is a Registered Dietitian with a Bachelor’s in Dietetics and Nutrition from Alabama A&M University. MBA from UNA and doctoral student at Northcentral University. She is also a wife and mother of three daughters, is a Minister at Lifeline Church, and Resides in Decatur, Alabama. Latasha is a high school friend I grew up with, and we go way back from our high school days in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It was great to reconnect!

Latasha and I talked about…

  • Her family and some of her favorite pastimes and things that make her happy in life
  • What inspired her to begin a health and wellness career and what drives and motivates her to help people in this area specifically
  • Different ways she helps her clients in her private practice
  • Things busy women entrepreneurs can do to maintain healthier eating habits- (especially when we are either constantly on the go- or working from a home office nearby a fridge). She shared with us some ways we make better food choices.
  • We chatted about how to stay balanced in our everyday life as women entrepreneurs and mompreneurs. We oftentimes struggle to keep self-care a priority while being a working mom or running a business while taking care of family. As busy and productive working moms, Tasha shares some tips on how to stay balanced.
  • How do we through hard days as women of faith, and just keep going in life, doing what we’ve been called to do

Encouraging quotes from Tasha:

  • “Prayer and meditation, it is the only way.”
  • “You have to pull your focus and speak to God. You have to start your day that way.”
  • “All things work together for our good. God is your self-care.”
  • “God has to be your core. He will guide you.”
  • “Seek ye first the kingdom of God”
  • “He is your self-care.”

How to reach Latasha for health coaching

Visit Latasha at Slaton Solutions for Success to start your year off right with…

  • personal health coaching and 1:1 counseling
  • meal-planning
  • nutrition assessment
  • diabetes education
  • medical nutrition therapy

She currently accepts Blue Cross and will be accepting other insurance forms soon as well.

Contact us at HER Business Elevated…

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