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Is it possible to “relax into business”? How can we accomplish that?

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On this episode, my guest is Latonya Moore from Straight to the point and practical, Latonya Moore offers large doses of encouragement while remaining realistic when maintaining a joy-centered life. She is a certified executive coach who helps women untangle their thoughts and needs so that they can make progress toward their goals and fully live the life they desire. Latonya is a multi-passionate, heart-inspired woman. Married for 20 years, parenting two teen daughters. She is passionate about doing new things and exploring life with her kids and family. She enjoys creative writing, journaling, painting, and nature. Her faith is at the core of her life. As a certified executive and life coach, she helps women untangle ideas and expectations and provide them with clarity so they can have a better idea of their next steps. She also helps clients by having conversations that lead to action. Latonya has returned to full-time entrepreneurship after stepping out of her work for a demanding startup company.

What Coach Latonya and I talked about…

  • The reason she was inspired to begin coaching
  • How she was able to rise above the challenge of getting unstuck, how she helps her clients and ways we, too, can get unstuck as entrepreneurs

Three key takeaways from this week’s episode

  • Be true to yourself. You can share authentically online without burning yourself out by finding platforms that work best for you.
  • Use what you have. You can do what you can and make the most of what you have with the tools and resources already available to you.
  • Don’t give up. In life and business, remain consistent and keep showing up for yourself.

A quote to remember

“Remember, it’s going to be okay.”

Services Latonya provides and how to reach her

Latonya offers free journaling workshops each month and a bi-weekly mom group coaching. You can reach Latonya at and @joyintheordinarymom on IG and Joy in the Ordinary on Facebook.

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